journey through christianity

Oooh, tricky topic. I’ll try to tread lightly as I make way through the experience I had from meeting Jesus to, well, now. When I met and fell in love with Christ I was 17. In the years to follow I would fall deeply in love with him, relapse into opiate abuse, come to fall more deeply […]

I love my homeschool friends

So this morning I scanned back over some of my earlier posts from when I first began blogging, and then again while going through life changes. Moving to Gainesville and leaving institutional church. Leaving organic church and moving to Kansas City. Have a several procedures this year, including removing my thyroid. I was diagnosed with […]

This post was private until my cat stepped on the publish button

What does it mean to be a Christian woman today? Last night I attended a session of a homeschool conference and the keynote speakers spoke about the Lord. And they are a beautiful couple who love Him dearly. It’s evident in the way they live. It was a nice night and I was glad to […]

Acceptance of one another

So many times the Lord has taken me to a new level. Of knowing Him, of connecting with Him, and in my freedom with Him. It’s a really exciting time in a Christian’s life, when we move forward in our journey with Him. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming and I forget that very […]

The signs are there

I’ve been thinking about why we bring up problems. Why do we, people, human beings, bring up issues? There are a lot of reasons. Sometimes it’s to cause a disturbance, to upset people. Sometimes bringing up a problem is hoping to restore Truth in your life, as it has in mine. Christ is clear that ignoring problems is […]

what’s allowed and what’s not

Although today is a great day, I am going to talk about how I found some personal freedom and dilute the stigma attatched to some issues. Overall I am looking forward to the bright side of life, but for a while everything went dark spiritually, socially, and I felt silenced in my pain. I have an […]

Being content in all things.

My mind is all twisted up this morning. I am having a hard time moving my body and wonder if I have the flu or if the infection from my foot spread to the bone. Either way, I am blogging, setting the boys up with food for the day, and dropping on the couch for […]

Tales of an Organic Church girl in an un-organic world

Sometimes I think I should rename my blog “Tales of an Organic Church Girl in an Unorganic World”. As I discover my new home and new life I am coming across so many different viewpoints, lifestyles, and Bible-belt Christians. I feel like the last few years of my life have reshaped me forever. A few […]

I know how I feel

Boy, it feels like a lifetime since I’ve written anything. We are busy beyond belief getting ready for the move and it’s exhausting. I’ve been falling asleep sitting up at the table working, just to give an example of how incredibly tired I am. In addition to that I’ve had some feelings that I just […]