journey through christianity

Oooh, tricky topic. I’ll try to tread lightly as I make way through the experience I had from meeting Jesus to, well, now. When I met and fell in love with Christ I was 17. In the years to follow I would fall deeply in love with him, relapse into opiate abuse, come to fall more deeply […]

Mom’s Moods

Did you know that moms can set the tone for a household, a day, and even a trip to the park? I read a few years ago that a mother’s voice has the ability to create peace in a child’s heart, or fear and anxiety. A series of tests were done on children’s stress levels, […]

Acceptance of one another

So many times the Lord has taken me to a new level. Of knowing Him, of connecting with Him, and in my freedom with Him. It’s a really exciting time in a Christian’s life, when we move forward in our journey with Him. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming and I forget that very […]

what’s allowed and what’s not

Although today is a great day, I am going to talk about how I found some personal freedom and dilute the stigma attatched to some issues. Overall I am looking forward to the bright side of life, but for a while everything went dark spiritually, socially, and I felt silenced in my pain. I have an […]