Notebooking, 2

As I wrote yesterday, we are now a journaling homeschool bunch. I bought Smash Books for the boys over Christmas break and they loved have the freedom to doodle, draw, write, paste collected articles and pics, and to record anything they wanted to remember. In watching how much they learned and how naturally they took […]

Weaver vs. Five in a Row

Ah, our last few days off school. We are finishing up the 2 week Christmas break. And as I plan our next few weeks in the kid’s planbook I am back and forth between doing a unit out of Beyond Five in a Row and doing a Weaver unit. Last night I filled in the […]

Rowing and Weaving

We did it. We finally caved and invested in Five in a Row for the kids. Five in a Row is a mom-intensive reading/arts-and-crafts/ basically as-fun-as-it-gets book list and manual full of ways to get the most out of the books. It is used as a full curriculum, a supplement to a curriculum (how we […]