Goals, Socializing, and being Human

At this point in life, I am keenly aware of my status as an introvert. I am recharged and get all that I need spiritually when I spend time at home, especially alone. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, whether it’s straightening up, lesson planning, or even reading and writing, I do joyfully and enjoy the time […]

comparing myself to others, and pics for the G-parents

One of my favorite television shows is the one which follows the Duggar family’s life. If you aren’t familiar with this family, they are Christian, they homeschool, they have church in their home sometimes, and they have 19 kids, to date. They felt early on, after a miscarriage due to the use of birth control, that […]

when you’re tired and want to quit

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday bloggers. Hope you are having a good week! Today is a very important CT scan for me. Hope it all goes well, say a prayer for me! Now, on to homeschooling…Some of my favorite homeschooling books are in the series entitled Charlotte Mason Education, Catherine Levison. My books are so […]

Another suit in the dark

In  a news article my mother in law gave me, columnist Steve Rose writes a very ignorant, prejudiced, and judgemental view of homeschooling titled Home-school education excels in its parallel universe. This man, who appears to be about 70 in his picture begins the article announcing that in the state of Kansas (I live in Kansas […]

from strict to relaxed homeschooling

Homeschooling isn’t supposed to be boring. Homeschooling is freedom. It can bring you joy and can be quite fun.How do we make our homeschool more relaxed and enjoyable? When we began several years ago I was as strict as could be. I set up a mini school “station” in our front room with a giant […]

The Bible

Something many of you might not know about me is that our family took a three-year break from traditional institutional church. We did not take a break from loving the Lord. Our journey was inspired by the Holy Spirit and it was during that time we were able to let go of guilt, condemnation, and […]

Weaver vs. Five in a Row

Ah, our last few days off school. We are finishing up the 2 week Christmas break. And as I plan our next few weeks in the kid’s planbook I am back and forth between doing a unit out of Beyond Five in a Row and doing a Weaver unit. Last night I filled in the […]

dumb questions

On the treadmill today I began reading my favorite homeschool website forums. There was an original post from a woman asking the question. “what is the dumbest question anyone has ever asked you regarding homeschooling your kids?”. Some of the questions were real doozies. I showered and immediately hopped onto wordpress in order to share some of […]

Rest in Him Melody

What a beautiful morning! I want to begin today by sharing with you about a sweet lady I knew. She was a part of the homeschooling community I was involved in last year. Her Name is Melody and she was a natural health enthusiast and fellow homeschooler, obviously. She also spearheaded the Christmas giving ministry. She had […]

Everyone goes through seasons

As I’ve written, I’m in a bit of a homeschooling rut. Well, today I would like to write about a common misconception about us homeschooling moms. I joined a group once and we had a discussion about this very topic. The other night my Mom and I were talking and she told me that she […]