Relentless Learning

A while back I worked on writing a book. A book that I had looked for in bookstores and on Amazon, but could not find. I wanted to write a series of answers to questions and concerns voiced by loved ones and nosy ones regarding homeschooling. But I also wanted to bridge a gap between […]


As I’ve made it known a dozen times before, we use My Father’s World, a little of Sonlight’s language arts and Heart of Dakota read-alouds. We use them, they don’t use us. E with all of this curriculum, we are unschoolers overall. Just what does unschooling even mean anyway? Ask a hundred people and you’ll get a hundred different […]

Families, Communities, & Networks

“Good fences make good neighbors” ~Robert Frost. The natural solution to learning to live together in a community is to first learn to live apart as individuals and as families. Only when we feel good about ourselves can we feel good about others. This post could go a few different ways, but I am specifically […]

when you’re tired and want to quit

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday bloggers. Hope you are having a good week! Today is a very important CT scan for me. Hope it all goes well, say a prayer for me! Now, on to homeschooling…Some of my favorite homeschooling books are in the series entitled Charlotte Mason Education, Catherine Levison. My books are so […]

Another suit in the dark

In  a news article my mother in law gave me, columnist Steve Rose writes a very ignorant, prejudiced, and judgemental view of homeschooling titled Home-school education excels in its parallel universe. This man, who appears to be about 70 in his picture begins the article announcing that in the state of Kansas (I live in Kansas […]

Rest in Him Melody

What a beautiful morning! I want to begin today by sharing with you about a sweet lady I knew. She was a part of the homeschooling community I was involved in last year. Her Name is Melody and she was a natural health enthusiast and fellow homeschooler, obviously. She also spearheaded the Christmas giving ministry. She had […]

You are free, my friend!

I am in love with the curriculums put together by My Father’s World, Heart of Dakota, and Sonlight as I have purchased several volumes of all three, and although I was at one time a slave to them, I am a slave no longer. I still enjoy these programs and plan to use them through our elementary, […]

Nature Journals and Boys

Beginning to delve into the world of Nature Study can be scary, but worth the “jump”. When my oldest boy was about 5, we purchased a very old version of KONOS, a big yellow book of hands on activities meant to supplement a textbook/workbook curriculum. I once heard Jessica Hulcy, the creator of KONOS explain that she […]

Using our Words

Everytime I see a movie or someone I know sees a movie that was based on a book they read, we agree that the book was better than the movie. Oh, a movie can entertain and bring tears to my eyes, or make me laugh uncontrollably, but when it comes to knowing the characters intimately, that takes words and vocabulary, […]