this year…

Grateful for: My life. My actual physical life. There is a lot going on under our skin that makes the body function. Little intricate cells and fluids that work together normally… or they don’t work like their supposed to and they cause pain. They cause the body not to work properly. This year my amazing team of doctors found […]


As I’ve made it known a dozen times before, we use My Father’s World, a little of Sonlight’s language arts and Heart of Dakota read-alouds. We use them, they don’t use us. E with all of this curriculum, we are unschoolers overall. Just what does unschooling even mean anyway? Ask a hundred people and you’ll get a hundred different […]

From there to here

I remember my last night in Florida vividly. I was sad, excited, melancholy, and really looking forward to the adventure ahead. I was moving to Missouri… me, an east coast girl, living in the midwest. As my family slept I walked out into my driveway, which was our yard in the small, but cozy townhouse which had […]

Families, Communities, & Networks

“Good fences make good neighbors” ~Robert Frost. The natural solution to learning to live together in a community is to first learn to live apart as individuals and as families. Only when we feel good about ourselves can we feel good about others. This post could go a few different ways, but I am specifically […]

The kids learn anyway

Yesterday went just how I though it would. The doctor is sending me to a pulmonology Dr. and an endocrinologist for my lungs and throat. I have a multinodular thyroid, which means lots of lumps, with one being bigger than the others. It’s small, 1.9 x 2.2 cm, but solid. We’ll know more after the ultrasound next week. […]

Mrs. Robinson

Last night I began to mop the floors and was quickly reminded that my lungs can’t handle such a large task. I used to mop all the time and now the kids do it. Yesterday I forgot that I can’t do those things and I began, and quickly realized I am still sick. You see, […]

when you’re tired and want to quit

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday bloggers. Hope you are having a good week! Today is a very important CT scan for me. Hope it all goes well, say a prayer for me! Now, on to homeschooling…Some of my favorite homeschooling books are in the series entitled Charlotte Mason Education, Catherine Levison. My books are so […]

Another suit in the dark

In  a news article my mother in law gave me, columnist Steve Rose writes a very ignorant, prejudiced, and judgemental view of homeschooling titled Home-school education excels in its parallel universe. This man, who appears to be about 70 in his picture begins the article announcing that in the state of Kansas (I live in Kansas […]

means moms rule 2

Back to the Mean Moms Rule book, blog post #2. I began reading chapter 3 and actually agreed with a lot of what Denise Schipani wrote… we need to choose our path and stick with it. Unless it doesn’t work, then it okay to change. Couldn’t agree more. Then we get to the end of the […]

peer influence

Tonight I thought a lot about my children and their social needs. We homeschool and my kids do not have peer based relationships. I am not only aware of this fact, but I have orchestrated it intentionally. My kids are very precious (obviously) and I am not going to send them to learn socialization in a forced, […]