Relentless Learning

A while back I worked on writing a book. A book that I had looked for in bookstores and on Amazon, but could not find. I wanted to write a series of answers to questions and concerns voiced by loved ones and nosy ones regarding homeschooling. But I also wanted to bridge a gap between […]


As we gear up for the new year, my living room, office, and bedroom have been taken over by homeschooling books, magazines and curriculum. In previous posts I have gone over what we use and why, also what we don’t like and our reasons for that as well. So today I want to express my […]

Homeschooling for Excellence

My heart¬†is with the Lord on some important matters this week. I have been joyful and at peace pertaining to my health in spite of not feeling physically great, and examining myself in search of a better outlook on motherhood and homeschooling. As I assess where my “treasure” has been, as that’s where the Lord […]

Mrs. Robinson

Last night I began to mop the floors and was quickly reminded that my lungs can’t handle such a large task. I used to mop all the time and now the kids do it. Yesterday I forgot that I can’t do those things and I began, and quickly realized I am still sick. You see, […]

headed in a new direction

I’m going to take you on a little trip through my mind this morning… Kansas City Missouri has a very rich history. Having lived here for 6 months, I have not had the opportunity to research too deep, but I know that the river I drive across at least once a month has been the […]