This is the day…

My younger two will get to crawl through an ear that they make under the table. My oldest did it years ago in kindergarten and he has never forgotten the really neat activity. I wish I could claim credit for this, but the idea is in KONOS volume 1. We make ours under the kitchen table […]

from strict to relaxed homeschooling

Homeschooling isn’t supposed to be boring. Homeschooling is freedom. It can bring you joy and can be quite fun.How do we make our homeschool more relaxed and enjoyable? When we began several years ago I was as strict as could be. I set up a mini school “station” in our front room with a giant […]

Nature Journals and Boys

Beginning to delve into the world of Nature Study can be scary, but worth the “jump”. When my oldest boy was about 5, we purchased a very old version of KONOS, a big yellow book of hands on activities meant to supplement a textbook/workbook curriculum. I once heard Jessica Hulcy, the creator of KONOS explain that she […]