This is the day…

My younger two will get to crawl through an ear that they make under the table. My oldest did it years ago in kindergarten and he has never forgotten the really neat activity. I wish I could claim credit for this, but the idea is in KONOS volume 1. We make ours under the kitchen table […]

means moms rule 2

Back to the Mean Moms Rule book, blog post #2. I began reading chapter 3 and actually agreed with a lot of what Denise Schipani wrote… we need to choose our path and stick with it. Unless it doesn’t work, then it okay to change. Couldn’t agree more. Then we get to the end of the […]

Mean Moms Rule

I picked up a new book at the library called Mean Moms Rule, by Denise Schipani. It was appealing to me because 1) I’ve checked out all the books our little library lends in the parenting and homeschool section, so when a new one comes in I snatch it up as soon as I see it, and […]