being a mom

In general I think I am happy, but when someone asks, I do have to pause for a minute and consider what it even means to be happy. The next time a mom asks “don’t you just love being a mom?”… try responding with a “no, actually I am pretty unhappy and stressed out and […]

Another suit in the dark

In  a news article my mother in law gave me, columnist Steve Rose writes a very ignorant, prejudiced, and judgemental view of homeschooling titled Home-school education excels in its parallel universe. This man, who appears to be about 70 in his picture begins the article announcing that in the state of Kansas (I live in Kansas […]

from strict to relaxed homeschooling

Homeschooling isn’t supposed to be boring. Homeschooling is freedom. It can bring you joy and can be quite fun.How do we make our homeschool more relaxed and enjoyable? When we began several years ago I was as strict as could be. I set up a mini school “station” in our front room with a giant […]


My children are so precious. There are times I am very frustrated with the emerging attitudes, but they are human and they are young humans at that so they need to be given time, instruction, and grace when learning how to control themselves. Children are not born polite- I was horrified when my boys once […]

Guess what…

Today I have something exciting to tell…I ordered a series of lectures given by professors(award winning) from the University of Iowa. They aren’t classes, simply lectures on DVD’s. If assignments are given I’ll do them, or not. The three classes I ordered were 1)Exploring the Writer’s Craft; 2)Analysis and Critique: How to Engage and Write About Anything; […]