Acceptance of one another

So many times the Lord has taken me to a new level. Of knowing Him, of connecting with Him, and in my freedom with Him. It’s a really exciting time in a Christian’s life, when we move forward in our journey with Him. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming and I forget that very […]

The signs are there

I’ve been thinking about why we bring up problems. Why do we, people, human beings, bring up issues? There are a lot of reasons. Sometimes it’s to cause a disturbance, to upset people. Sometimes bringing up a problem is hoping to restore Truth in your life, as it has in mine. Christ is clear that ignoring problems is […]

what’s allowed and what’s not

Although today is a great day, I am going to talk about how I found some personal freedom and dilute the stigma attatched to some issues. Overall I am looking forward to the bright side of life, but for a while everything went dark spiritually, socially, and I felt silenced in my pain. I have an […]

Being content in all things.

My mind is all twisted up this morning. I am having a hard time moving my body and wonder if I have the flu or if the infection from my foot spread to the bone. Either way, I am blogging, setting the boys up with food for the day, and dropping on the couch for […]

The Bible

Something many of you might not know about me is that our family took a three-year break from traditional institutional church. We did not take a break from loving the Lord. Our journey was inspired by the Holy Spirit and it was during that time we were able to let go of guilt, condemnation, and […]

controversial me

I have spent a decent amount of time searching my Truth, Christ. I learned more about the Word, the Bible, which I believe to be completely inspired by the Spirit and never irrelevant. Once I began to believe that a piece of Himself has been given for and to each of us, including me, I […]

fear and freedom…. and your feedback

In researching some spiritual group topics for a book I hope to publish one day, I came across some stunning, mind-blowing information. I have decided not to blog about it as it’s super controversial, but promise to write more as I learn more and it settles in my Spirit. I have a tendency to be a […]

serving others

In my last blog I wrote about the Spirit, and that it’s anything that is void of self, yet glorifies Christ, edifies Christ, points towards Christ, and magnifies Him. All of it is designed to bring Christ into focus and to take ourselves out. My pride wants the credit for something well said in Christ. […]

Resolution, schmesolution

A resolution is a resolve to change. New Years resolutions usually fail and so many people don’t even bother to profess quitting or beginning typical resolution habits. Who wants to be seen smoking two days after the giant proclamation to never smoke again? The things is, I am alive in Christ and dead to the old […]