Relentless Learning

A while back I worked on writing a book. A book that I had looked for in bookstores and on Amazon, but could not find. I wanted to write a series of answers to questions and concerns voiced by loved ones and nosy ones regarding homeschooling. But I also wanted to bridge a gap between […]

post for homeschoolers

This post is extremely pro-homeschooling. Please don’t read it if your only plan is to roast me on this issue. I believe that the public school system is needed and that teachers have worked very hard to devote their careers to teaching children. They are underpaid and extremely important in our communities. This post does not take […]

Families, Communities, & Networks

“Good fences make good neighbors” ~Robert Frost. The natural solution to learning to live together in a community is to first learn to live apart as individuals and as families. Only when we feel good about ourselves can we feel good about others. This post could go a few different ways, but I am specifically […]

Another suit in the dark

In  a news article my mother in law gave me, columnist Steve Rose writes a very ignorant, prejudiced, and judgemental view of homeschooling titled Home-school education excels in its parallel universe. This man, who appears to be about 70 in his picture begins the article announcing that in the state of Kansas (I live in Kansas […]

This is the day…

My younger two will get to crawl through an ear that they make under the table. My oldest did it years ago in kindergarten and he has never forgotten the really neat activity. I wish I could claim credit for this, but the idea is in KONOS volume 1. We make ours under the kitchen table […]

Homeschooling leaves us wide open…

For the first time in 5 years we are homeschooling with out homeschool friends or a group. I have always been a part of a homeschooling Mom’s group or a group meant for hs’ed kids, but we don’t have one here. And times are getting rough. We have decided to forgo the institution of public and […]

Socialization, and what you may not know about it.

When we became a homeschooling family, we found ourselves out and about in the community almost on a daily basis. People saw that I had school aged children with me and many reacted as if my kids were abused, lonely, shut-ins. “But what about socialization?” became the question of the day, everyday. Everyone became so concerned […]

peer influence

Tonight I thought a lot about my children and their social needs. We homeschool and my kids do not have peer based relationships. I am not only aware of this fact, but I have orchestrated it intentionally. My kids are very precious (obviously) and I am not going to send them to learn socialization in a forced, […]

dumb questions

On the treadmill today I began reading my favorite homeschool website forums. There was an original post from a woman asking the question. “what is the dumbest question anyone has ever asked you regarding homeschooling your kids?”. Some of the questions were real doozies. I showered and immediately hopped onto wordpress in order to share some of […]