Relentless Learning

A while back I worked on writing a book. A book that I had looked for in bookstores and on Amazon, but could not find. I wanted to write a series of answers to questions and concerns voiced by loved ones and nosy ones regarding homeschooling. But I also wanted to bridge a gap between […]

when you’re tired and want to quit

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday bloggers. Hope you are having a good week! Today is a very important CT scan for me. Hope it all goes well, say a prayer for me! Now, on to homeschooling…Some of my favorite homeschooling books are in the series entitled Charlotte Mason Education, Catherine Levison. My books are so […]

Using our Words

Everytime I see a movie or someone I know sees a movie that was based on a book they read, we agree that the book was better than the movie. Oh, a movie can entertain and bring tears to my eyes, or make me laugh uncontrollably, but when it comes to knowing the characters intimately, that takes words and vocabulary, […]

Homeschool concerns? Ask Ruth Beechick anything…

And that’s just what Debbie Strayer did. Ruth Beechick has been a teacher since 1977 when she finished her master’s degree in special education, and a homeschooler since 1988 when her son became a kindergartner. She is a highly respected author and speaker in the world of homeschooling and I obtained a book-long interview in where she […]

One Room Schoolhouse

Becoming a one room schoolhouse, is it possible to accomplish this in a modern-day family living room? In my fascination with Charlotte Mason and the Montessori schools of the early 1900’s I began to read the CM volumes. They’re a little pricey. To get all six at once is almost fifty bucks, so I get them one […]

Guess what…

Today I have something exciting to tell…I ordered a series of lectures given by professors(award winning) from the University of Iowa. They aren’t classes, simply lectures on DVD’s. If assignments are given I’ll do them, or not. The three classes I ordered were 1)Exploring the Writer’s Craft; 2)Analysis and Critique: How to Engage and Write About Anything; […]