atmosphere built on a Rock

As a mommy I have fallen into some tortuous traps. Today I am writing about two pits in particular, the trap of trying to be “supermom” and the pit of doubt; of who I am in Christ. Wavering is for insecure moms during insecure times, but there are foundational truths that once realized, no longer […]

This post was private until my cat stepped on the publish button

What does it mean to be a Christian woman today? Last night I attended a session of a homeschool conference and the keynote speakers spoke about the Lord. And they are a beautiful couple who love Him dearly. It’s evident in the way they live. It was a nice night and I was glad to […]

Rise of the Guardians

Last night me, Chris and the boys snuggled up for movie night and watched Rise of the Guardians. I will not post any spoiler alerts, but it’s (high pitched voice here) ah-maze-ing!!! And all during the movie I saw many pictures of love and our relationship with the Lord. ROTG follows the life of a […]