Homeschooling for Excellence

My heart is with the Lord on some important matters this week. I have been joyful and at peace pertaining to my health in spite of not feeling physically great, and examining myself in search of a better outlook on motherhood and homeschooling. As I assess where my “treasure” has been, as that’s where the Lord […]

Keeping occupied through it

I think I need to cut back on the coffee. This morning my kid tells me I drink a quart each morning. No way, I maybe drink a pint. He says, no; a pint is 16 oz. So I look for myself and by golly I do drink a quart of coffee in the morning. […]

From there to here

I remember my last night in Florida vividly. I was sad, excited, melancholy, and really looking forward to the adventure ahead. I was moving to Missouri… me, an east coast girl, living in the midwest. As my family slept I walked out into my driveway, which was our yard in the small, but cozy townhouse which had […]

Goals, Socializing, and being Human

At this point in life, I am keenly aware of my status as an introvert. I am recharged and get all that I need spiritually when I spend time at home, especially alone. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, whether it’s straightening up, lesson planning, or even reading and writing, I do joyfully and enjoy the time […]

Families, Communities, & Networks

“Good fences make good neighbors” ~Robert Frost. The natural solution to learning to live together in a community is to first learn to live apart as individuals and as families. Only when we feel good about ourselves can we feel good about others. This post could go a few different ways, but I am specifically […]

Mister Gatto and Miss Mason

Every so often I enjoy contemplating and posting our homeschooling goals, convictions, and philosophy. Today is such a day. If you’ve known me or read my blog for any length of time, you know that I favor a tried and true classic method of learning versus newer methods employed by institutions and even some homeschoolers. I did not invent […]

our value

As an excited young homeschooling mother years ago I wondered about reading, more specifically, when to begin reading instruction. So I ordered the big box of school that came in the mail and when kindergarten arrived we began to learn reading on day 1. What I didn’t know then that I know now is that we […]

The kids learn anyway

Yesterday went just how I though it would. The doctor is sending me to a pulmonology Dr. and an endocrinologist for my lungs and throat. I have a multinodular thyroid, which means lots of lumps, with one being bigger than the others. It’s small, 1.9 x 2.2 cm, but solid. We’ll know more after the ultrasound next week. […]