here’s what I’ve got…

Here are some things I’ve learned in our homeschool. Homeschooling is more than a lifestyle for us, it is my calling. I love reaching each of my children with tailor-made education specific to their needs. It’s a passion of mine. I truly love, love, love homeschooling. We have been homeschoolers from the beginning as I just […]

boxes and crates

Good Morning Bloggers!! We’ve started something new with my oldest child and planning his homeschool, out of necessity. I was feeling overwhelmed and we weren’t staying on course. We had drifted too far off into lazy homeschool land. I am all for unscheduled, unplanned learning with educational toys, games, and art. What seemed to be […]

what’s allowed and what’s not

Although today is a great day, I am going to talk about how I found some personal freedom and dilute the stigma attatched to some issues. Overall I am looking forward to the bright side of life, but for a while everything went dark spiritually, socially, and I felt silenced in my pain. I have an […]

Hospitality revisted

Humility broadens my view like nothing else. It causes me to see the value in human beings even ones who are not kind. Lately prayer and understanding have been my closest friends. That old saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions certainly has me thinking about the future of my family […]

Science in Homeschooling

Next week is homeschool week here in Kansas City. That means all the homeschoolers come out of hiding and visit the places around town who will be opening their doors to them. I love this town! Never knew there was such a thing as homeschool week, but it’s fun. I am excited. And, I plan on […]

Being content in all things.

My mind is all twisted up this morning. I am having a hard time moving my body and wonder if I have the flu or if the infection from my foot spread to the bone. Either way, I am blogging, setting the boys up with food for the day, and dropping on the couch for […]

Light and Salt

I feel alive. I feel like I have a new lease on life. I feel my saltiness, my light, and my uncontrollable freedom. I cut some internal strings and realized that it was those strings I kept hanging on to that were causing the sadness and anxiety I have felt for months now. I have […]

headed in a new direction

I’m going to take you on a little trip through my mind this morning… Kansas City Missouri has a very rich history. Having lived here for 6 months, I have not had the opportunity to research too deep, but I know that the river I drive across at least once a month has been the […]

The Bible

Something many of you might not know about me is that our family took a three-year break from traditional institutional church. We did not take a break from loving the Lord. Our journey was inspired by the Holy Spirit and it was during that time we were able to let go of guilt, condemnation, and […]