what’s allowed and what’s not

Although today is a great day, I am going to talk about how I found some personal freedom and dilute the stigma attatched to some issues. Overall I am looking forward to the bright side of life, but for a while everything went dark spiritually, socially, and I felt silenced in my pain. I have an […]


My children are so precious. There are times I am very frustrated with the emerging attitudes, but they are human and they are young humans at that so they need to be given time, instruction, and grace when learning how to control themselves. Children are not born polite- I was horrified when my boys once […]


Both me and Chris had a lengthy conversation about life last night when neither of us could sleep at 2 am. With the cleaning done and our home becoming more and more cozy, I am beginning to see Christ in the move. As you know, if you’ve read my blog for the last week, I have […]